A.M.P.'s / Alcorn Management and Productions world traveled Executive Chef has been working to hone his culinary skills in a great many arenas for the past 35 years. Country clubs, restaurants, catering weddings and as well as other large up scale parties and functions, Intimate In home dining as well as corporate executive dinners. In 1998, providing lunch for then President of the United Sates, Bill Clinton during his visit to Minneapolis.

In addition to his travels across the United States exploring food, our Chef has traveled the world visiting Morocco, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Sicily, Paris, Canada, Mexico and Peru. Learning from these trips, his international culinary skills are solid and continually growing to insure authentic, fresh exciting food and flavors from around the world.

“Enjoying the new cultures and meeting people from other parts of the world have helped me to understand the how’s, whys and because of their foods and techniques from those regions.” “I am blessed to be doing what I love and have fun doing it.” “Always working to keep up with the current trends, tastes and special dietary needs of the ever changing culinary world is the challenge and the fun for me.”

Our Chef has received several awards for his charitable work providing food for the less fortunate. In addition, organizing fund raising golf tournaments and dinners. In 2008, receiving recognition from the Minneapolis chapter of the ACF for his charitable work in Minneapolis.

A.M.P.'s / Alcorn Management and Productions and Events clients are the direct beneficiaries of our Chef's culinary magic.